Our programs

We train volunteers and provide high quality
programs at no cost to the children

Our curriculum

Our curriculum if offered by trained volunteers utilizing age appropriate materials for children ages 3-18.


Pre-school 3 – 5 years old

Children have an opportunity to grieve the loss in their family and develop appropriate coping skills for life. The process involves weekly meetings with a trained Facilitator in small groups of no more than five children.


Senior Kindergarten – Grade 8

Elementary-aged children speak about their feelings and share their grief in a safe environment in small group settings. The groups are led by trained facilitators utilizing age-appropriate materials.


Adolescents Grade 9-12

Teens share feelings and thoughts about their loss with others their own age who are experiencing similar life changing events.


College – adults

This program is for college age young adults relating to, recent or childhood loss.


Single parents and step-parents

Curriculum designed for single parents and step-parents to help work through their own grief, help their children through grief, and rebuild the family unit.

Silver Linings

Community crisis response

Community crisis response program for youth, kindergarten – adolescents, which provides emotional strength when their lives are changing due to outside influences.

Secular editions available for: SunBeams, Rainbows and Spectrum

Religious editions available for: Rainbows, Spectrum, Kaleidoscope, Prism

How it works:

The curriculum consists of journals, activities, games, and stories that are designed to help participants express their feelings and move through grief.
Each curriculum addresses the topics of Self, Family, Belonging, Fears, Blame, Trust, Forgiveness, Stepfamilies, Feelings, Changes, God (in the religious editions), Transitions, Coping, Reaching Out, and Acceptance.


Rainbows Curricula consists of 12 weekly meetings and two Celebrate Me Days. Weekly meetings are 30 – 120 minutes keyed to the age group of the participants.
The small groups consist of 3 – 5 participants, in the same age group, and a trained adult facilitator who guides the discussion as a loving listener.


Rainbows programs are implemented in schools, places of worship, hospitals, hospices, day care centers. military family resource centres and social service agencies in local communities across Canada.

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