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We are advocates for vulnerable
children and youth

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Rainbows Canada

Rainbows is an International Organization celebrating over 25 years of experience with grieving youth and adults. Over 3 million satisfied participants, from preschool through adulthood have access support through Rainbows. Our programs are volunteer driven engaging 800-1000 volunteers annually with participation at no cost to youth participants or their families.

Rainbows site support

Rainbows offers Local / National / International site support through our Registered Director network, educational / organizational newsletters and extensive training for all levels of volunteers to offer the following comprehensive curricula:

  • SunBeams- Preschool curricula
  • Rainbows- Elementary curricula
  • Spectrum- High school curricula
  • Kaleidoscope- Adult curricula
  • Prism- Single parent curricula
  • Silver Linings- Community Crisis Response Curricula

Rainbows peer support programs are endorsed by

  • clinicians
  • courts
  • educational systems
  • places of worship (faith based communities)
  • mental health professionals
  • media

Group Of Kids

Rainbows is an effective preventive program that embraces the latest resources available; continual revision and updating; structure, aim, purpose and goal; and quality control and evaluation.

Mission Statement

Rainbows for All Children Canada is the largest national non-profit organization committed to helping children and teens grieve and grow after loss. Rainbows has served with more than 3 million youth since 1983. By partnering with schools, hospitals and social service agencies we provide support when they need it, where they need it, right in their communities. Rainbows for All Children Canada fosters awareness that youth require support to heal. Our programs build confidence and self-esteem, improve communications, prevent destructive behaviours, and improve academic performance.

We provide research proven methods to support children and youth at each age and stage of their development and extensive, interactive training for the volunteers delivering our services.

Strategic Principles

Educate and Build

public awareness about the growing number of children suffering significant loss issues in their lives.


that children and youth deserve supporting, loving listeners as they struggle with life’s challenges.


accredited training for all volunteers to prepare them for the commitment of assisting bereaved youth.


our children, families, volunteers and partners to sustain high quality delivery of services to youth through our worldwide network of Registered Directors.


high quality programs offered at no cost to all children.


as an advocate for youth who face life-altering crises


Provide participants with an understanding of the grief experience.

Provide an opportunity for emotional healing.

Assist in building a stronger sense of self-esteem.

Teach appropriate coping mechanisms.

From Hope. Through Hurt. To Healing.

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