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About Rainbows Canada

Rainbows is an International Organization celebrating over 25 years of experience with grieving youth and adults. Over 2.6 million satisfied participants, preschool children through adult have used our curricula.

Rainbows is cost effective because it is volunteer driven with no annual fee and there is no cost to youth participants or their families.

Rainbows peer support programs are endorsed by
•    clinicians
•    courts
•    educational systems
•    places of worship (faith based communities)
•    mental health professionals
•    media

Rainbows offers Local / National / International site support through our Registered Director network, educational / organizational newsletters and extensive training for all levels of volunteers to offer the following comprehensive curricula:
•    SunBeams- Preschool curricula
•    Rainbows- Elementary curricula
•    Spectrum- High school curricula
•    Kaleidoscope- Adult curricula
•    Prism- Single parent curricula
•    Silver Linings- Community Crisis Response Curricula

Rainbows is an effective preventive program that embraces the latest resources available; continual revision and updating; structure, aim, purpose and goal; and quality control and evaluation.

Rainbows is not responsible for errors in translation