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How Do I Start a Rainbows Registered Site in My Community

Rainbows programs are offered free of charge to children and youth in the communities that have Rainbows in their schools, places of worship, Military Family Resource Centres or social service agencies. Rainbows' National Office offers training for volunteer Facilitators and provides the materials used by volunteers and participants. (Training and materials must be paid for by the Rainbows Registered Site). Each Site carefully selects and screens appropriate adult volunteers to run peer support groups at the site.  They provides safe, comfortable meeting rooms for the small groups to meet.

Begin by talking to your school principal or counselor, your spiritual leader or agency manager about the need to offer our program to children and youth at your location. As a prospective Rainbows Site, you require the backing of your administrator to provide the human and financial resources to offer these groups.

Children and adolescents grieving a loss need support as well as healing.  These needs touch an ever increasing number of our youth each year.  Rainbows curricula, initiated and implemented as a process are effective when used by clinicians and non clinicians alike.  Thereby, we are providing the greatest number of children and adolescents with personal encouragement and nurturing unavailable in most settings.  For this reason, sites are asked to prepare for the use of our curricula as follows and in accordance with the Policies and Guidelines set down in our Handbook.



  • 1 Site Coordinator   (Commitment - 55 hours per year)
  • 4-6 Site Facilitators (Commitment - 42 hours per year)


  • 1 kit Elementary Age Series or Adolescent Services per site
    (Elementary Age Kit: 25 children, annually replace consumables only)
    (Adolescent Age Kit: 30 adolescents, annually replace consumables only)

Meetings Required: 
(ALL included in initial fee)

  1. Preliminary Information Meeting for Administration /optional
  2. All faculty/Personnel In-service  (45 minutes)
  3. New Coordinator Training - 1 time only, 3 hours (Coordinator is the liaison between your site & our office)
  4. Facilitator Training Day - For all Facilitators and Coordinator (if not previously attended - 6 hours, Administrators are also welcome to attend)
  5. On-Site Facilitator Formation Meetings (30-60 minutes, conducted by On-site Coordinator for Facilitators before each meeting with the children or adolescents)
  6. Meetings with Groups (30-60 minutes each)

SunBeams (preschool): 
12-14 Meetings & 2-6  Hours Celebrate Me Days - 2 parts

Rainbows (elementary):
 12-14  Meetings & 2-6 Hours Celebrate Me Days - 2 parts

Spectrum (adolescent): 
12–14  Meetings & 1-6 Hours Celebrate Me Day

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